St. Teresa of Avila
Doctor of the Church, Virgin
March 28, 1515 – October 4, 1582

“You formed my inmost being; You knit me in my mother’s womb.
I praise You, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works!
My very self You know.”
- Psalm 139:13-14 

Our Holy Mother St. Teresa of Avila (of Jesus) reformed the Carmelite Order in the 16th century and founded our Discalced Carmelite Order of today. Our Carmelite family has oriented 6 years from October 2009 to October 2015 to celebrate her 500th birthday on March 28th, 2015.  

St. Teresa is the Mother of Spirituality and was the first woman Doctor of our Catholic Church. The greatest treasure she gives us is her writings on prayer, all based on her personal experience. With God’s grace, through prayer, she reached the highest level of union with God - spiritual espousal. Her teachings help us to grow in our friendship with Jesus Christ, and from it we can find serenity, true freedom, peace, joy and love in the midst of the toils and snares of our earthly life.  She reminds us that Jesus invites all to go to Him to drink from Him the Living Water. She is the guide sent from God to point us the way to reach this Fount from which we can quench the inexhaustible thirst of our restless hearts.

It is our prayer that this celebration be a source of grace for all, to renew our spiritual life, to walk in truth before God and man.  
St. Teresa’s own words: “I Was Born for You” is the theme of her 5th centenary birthday celebration.

Prayer to St. Teresa of Avila

Holy Mother Teresa of Jesus!
You who put yourself totally at the service of Love:
Teach us to walk along the path of interior prayer
with determination and fidelity
with our attention focused on Our Lord,
one God in a Trinity of Persons
Who is always present
in the most intimate part of our being.

In the school of Mary, our Mother
strengthen in us the foundation
of true humility,
of renewed detachment,
of fraternal and unconditional love.

Share with us your ardent and
apostolic love for the Church,
that Jesus will become our joy,
our hope and our life-force,
and never ending exhaustible spring
of the deepest intimacy.

Bless our large Carmelite family,
all our friends, relatives and benefactors.
Teach us to pray with you with all our hearts:
I am Yours Lord, I was born for You,
what do You want of me? Amen.