Carmel of the Infant Jesus
12519 Concession Road 2
P.O. Box 220
Zephyr, Ontario
Canada L0E 1T0

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*  If you plan to make a visit with the Sisters, please

*  Please refer to Calendar's Mass schedule for Mass times.                         

*  Please note that our gate is closed at around 7:30 pm everyday.


Driving directions from the south:

1. North bound on Hwy 404 or Hwy 48 (Markham Road)
2. Right turn into Davis Drive after you pass Vivian Road.
3. Left turn at the traffic light of Durham Road 30 (York Durham Line / Regional Road 30), with sign that says turn left to Zephyr.
4. Regional Road 30 ends and naturally curves right to go east to begin Regional Road 39.
5. From this point, drive about 2.2 km and you will see mail box # 197 on your right hand side.
(This is where most people miss Concession Road 2. So be careful, go slow, to watch for the mail box.)
6. After seeing mailbox 197, you will see the entrance into Concession Road 2 is on your left.

7. Left Turn into Concession Road 2.
8. Look for mail box # 12519 (right before mailbox # 12689) and make a Right turn into our driveway.
9. Guest entrance is at the left side of the building.